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SRS Tinting Solutions

SRS Tinting Solutions: The Experts In Film Installation & Vehicle Protection

ABOUT US: Here is a quick recap of who we are

At SRS Tinting Solutions our mission is to provide our clients with first-class customer service and paramount results thanks to our qualified team of film specialists. Our company specializes in automotive window tinting, paint protection film, nano-ceramic protective coatings and DIY pre-cut kits.

We value the quality of the service that we offer our clients above all else. That is what is important to our clients and that is what we feel sets us apart from our competition.

At SRS Tinting Solutions we understand that vehicle protection and customization is an important investment and we are committed to providing our clientele with the best possible service and to ensure that service is tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Whether your mode of transportation is a car, truck, boat or motorcycle, none is a challenge at SRS Tints. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers cutting edge technology thanks to the many years of experience in the industry and top of the line vendors. You can trust our trained and professional team experts to go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Services We Offer:
>> Window Tinting
>> Paint Protection Film
• XPEL Authorized Installer
>> Protective Coatings
• Ceramic Pro Certified
>> DIY Pre-Cut Kits
>> Vehicle Advertising Wraps


Please Note: We do NOT remove any door panels and we do NOT hand-cut film unless requested by the client.

Allow SRS Tints to help you achieve the sleek look you want and the value you expect with our superior line of high quality performance products. The Lifetime Warranty films that we offer our clients come in a variety of different shades and are guaranteed to last. Our leading team of film specialists accompanied by the best on the market specialized laser computer cutting machines ensure a consistent and clean installation every single time.

There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, from protecting against health concerns, safety and privacy reasons, as well as preserving your investment in your vehicle. At SRS Tints we provide style, comfort and solar protection that improves your overall driving experience.

Our Revolutionary Technology:
+ High heat rejection
+ Increased A/C efficiency
+ Best optical clarity
+ Enhanced visual appearance
+ Protect against interior fading
+ Protect your skin from harmful UV rays
+ Safe for rear windows, AM/FM, satellite radio, GPS, security systems and bluetooth
+ Lifetime warranty


At SRS Tints we understand that a proper, flawless removal of window tint is just as important as a proper installation of window tint. When removing window tint it is essential to follow a very specific process to ensure that no damage is caused to any of the critical electronics, glass or door panels. Whether your tint is purple, blurry, or your just not happy with it, call our tint removal experts for a worry-free experience.


The paint on your vehicle can last a lifetime if your vehicle is taken care of correctly. Frequent and even rare driving on Canadian roads and freeways subjects your car to rocks, road debris and other things that seem to be magnetically pulled to the front of your vehicle causing unavoidable rock chips and scratches. Unless you have installed Paint Protection Film on your vehicle, you will undoubtedly begin to notice the damage to your vehicle. Protecting your vehicle from damage with paint protection film will save your original paint, keeping its exterior looking good and protect resale value.

We have the best technology and are the premier Paint Protection film specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide our customers with the highest quality of service complimented by the best products on the market today. Our paint protection films are self-healing. This means that small scratches inflicted on the film will disappear thanks it its self-healing properties. This will happen naturally with a little heat exposure out in the sun.



Paint Protective Nano Coatings is an anti-static, weather-resistant nano-ceramic coating that protects your vehicle like nothing else! It works on the molecular level to transform the surface. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, hard-as-nails finish. One application can last two years!

Features & Benefits:
+ Anti-Scratch Improved By Up To 50%
+ Fire & Flame Retardant
+ Antioxidant
+ Insulation Property
+ Anti-Static
+ Anti-Acids & Salts
+ Excellent High Gloss Effect [Mirror Finish]
+ Hydro-Phobic Water-Repelling
+ Anti-Calcium effect
+ Dirt-Deflecting
+ Easy To Clean/Self-Cleaning Effect
+ Weather Protection
+ UV - Weather-Resistant
+ Insect & Bugs Repellent
+ Anti-Corrosion
+ No More Waxing!
+ Preserve Car Value & Condition
+ Can Be Safely Used On Matte Finish Paints



Do-It-Yourself Pre-Cut Automotive Paint Protection Film/Window Tint Kits Available For ALL MAKES AND MODELS! All of our Automotive Pre-Cut Kits include the finest films available on the market.

Best of all, our Automotive PPF Kits are Computer-Cut with the most accurate film cutting software available in our industry, which guarantees an exact fit to make your installation
process as easy as possible. We also offer the professional tools, installation instructions
& video references needed for a successful DIY project.

Place Your Order By Phone 1-888-496-3239 Or The Safest & Most Secure Ordering Online At SHOP.SRSTINTS.CA

* Receive a FREE squeegee & microfiber cloth at checkout when you order from us! *


Your vehicle offers an incredible space on which to advertise your company, and SRS Tints is your source for commercial vehicle wraps. From buses and food trucks to large fleets to vans belonging to a small business, we’ll help you design a wrap that promotes your business in the best way. We can wrap almost anything that rolls. If you ever wanted to own your own billboard in the GTA? We can turn your vehicle or vehicle fleet into mobile billboards that carry your message to thousands of potential customers every day at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods. So if you're looking for a hassle-free, affordable way to turn your vehicle into a 24/7 advertisement for your business, come to SRS Tinting Solutions.

- We promise to install it at the price (no hidden or up charges) that we’ve mutually agreed upon before the job
- We promise to take care in protecting your vehicles interior and exterior
- We promise a clean finished product (good workmanship)
- We promise to respond to any comment or concern in a timely manner

For your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quote please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives at 1.888.496.3238

We make our services more convenient. You can leave your car with us, or you are welcome to wait in our client lounge area and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, Netflix and refreshments in our clean, open-concept facility with a washroom.

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All vehicle makes and models welcome!

SRS Tinting Solutions™

• Window Tinting
• Paint Protection Film
• DIY Pre-Cut Kits
• Protective Nano Coatings
• Vehicle Advertising Wraps

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